LEWIS Metal deck

High performance structural floor and facade solution

The unique LEWIS profile with its optimal geometry provides a combined action between the LEWIS deck and the concrete/screed ensuring an extremely high load bearing capacity.

What makes LEWIS a great solution?

Integrates with other systems

LEWIS metal deck provides a first class solution for ACOUSTICS, FIRE PROTECTION and works well with UNDERFLOOR HEATING AND COOLING systems.

Suitable for many building methods

LEWIS metal decking solutions can be used in a varied range of projects from renovation and conversions to traditional new build, timber frame, off-site system building, modular building systems and mezzanine floors.

ISO 9001 certified production facility

LEWIS metal decking is produced in our own ISO 9001 certified production facility. The LEWIS metal decking as well as the floor system have been extensively tested meeting the requirements renowned international building institutes


  • Low dead weight
  • Thin Floor thickness (from 50 mm)
  • High permissible load
  • Spans (centre to centre) up to 2500 mm
  • High impact and airborne sound insulation
  • Fire resistance up to 120 minutes


  • Flexible system construction
  • Manufactured from high quality steel
  • Sustainable and cost reducing solution
  • Easy to install

About us

REPPEL b.v. was founded 1930 and is the producer of the unique LEWIS deck. With a team of professionals, a worldwide network and 2 production sites, REPPEL delivers a high performance structural floor and façade solution with the LEWIS deck.

Service and quality are our keywords: we take the work off your hands by finding out which solution is the best suited to your situation. Choosing the right building solution is of the greatest importance to the success of your new-build or renovation projects.

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